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Rook (Corvus  frugilegus)

Gregarious birds living in colonies known as “rookeries” the Rook is a bird of farmland and grassland. In Cumbria they live in most areas except the high fells with the population estimated at 45,000 pairs in 2001.



Habitat – tall trees, lowland farmland

Appearance – 44-46cm one of the largest black birds found in the UK

Voice – a raucous “kaak”, and tuneless caws, croaks and squeaks.

– varied omnivorous diet including, earthworms, small mammals, birds, eggs, grain and carrion.

Population changes / conservation – Nationally the population has fluctuated during the last century. Whilst the Cumbrian population remained stable during this period we have seen an increase in the population between the mid 70’s and 90’s.  in response to changes The population is currently thought to be stable.