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Red Legged Partridge

Red Legged Partridge
(Alectoris rufa)

Brighter and more conspicuous than the smaller grey partridge this french import is quite rare in Cumbria with, only 60-80 breeding pairs found mainly along the eastern fringes of the Lake District and the northern Pennines


Habitat – large open fields

– 32 –34cm. Slightly larger than the grey partridge. Flies with a whirr of wings followed by gliding.

Voice –  quite noisy “chuck-chukka-chuff”

–  seeds, leaves and roots, insects particularly eaten by chicks.

Population changes / conservation
– protected by the Game Act but may be shot out of the closed season. Sparse population supplemented over the years by release of captive birds for shooting. It is uncertain whether the population would be self sustaining in Cumbria without additional releases.