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© Frank Vassen

Grey Partridge (Perdix perdix)

Found breeding in hedgerows and verges on the edge of grassland. Breeding pairs in Cumbria are estimated to be  2,500.



Habitat – farmland grass  & arable, rough grassland, moorland edges and heath, sand dunes and shingle banks

Appearance – 29-31cm. Plump with small head and short legs, face orange other wise browny grey streaks creating good camouflage.

Voice –  high pitched creaky “kerrick” may become a rapid cackle “ it-it-it” if disturbed.

Food – leaves and seeds particularly knotgrass and chickweed, also insects, caterpillars and larvae.

Population changes / conservation
– population declined massively since the second world war with loss of field margins and protective hedgerows, change to autumn sowing of crops, pesticides, herbicides and increased numbers of predators.