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Donald Angus

Donald Angus

Donald Angus was born in Threlkeld in 1937. His father worked in Greenside Lead mine but Donald also remembers him as a great fell walker. Donald’s own introduction to the hills began with their Sunday outings and was developed further during his years as a boy scout.

He remembers his time working in forestry at Thirlmere, and recounts the great changes that this particular local industry has undergone.

He became a ranger for the National Park Authority in 1968 and remained in the role for 30 years. He reviews the changes that tourism has brought to the Lake District, the effects on farming of increasing mechanisation and the changes in the landscape these twin forces have wrought.

“…I think the landscape of the Lake District, it’s always changed hasn’t it? You know, it’s changed from when man first came on it and felled off your timber until the different changes from mining, timber, to quarrying, the intensity of farming and it always will change, but I think there is a balance… it’s important just to keep that balance right.”