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Geoff Horne

Geoff Horne

Born in 1936 in the Raffles area of Carlisle Geoff’s interest in birds started when he was seven. With friends he would cycle to Burgh Marsh to look for curlew, lapwing and skylark nests.

By the 1960s his work monitoring and ringing Peregrine Falcons helped provide evidence of the damage toxic farm chemicals were causing to falcon eggs, which led to ban on their use preventing the extinction of these birds in Cumbria.

Once the birds started to return Geoff found himself dealing with a new threat – egg and bird thieves. Climbing remote crags to mark eggs and young birds with a secret lacquer was a dangerous task but led to many successful prosecutions and became an effective deterrent.

His passion for protecting a whole range of birds including sparrow hawks, golden eagles and ravens has kept him climbing and abseiling for the last 50 years and ensured the survival of those under threat of extinction.

"It was exhilarating to see the recovery of the peregrine population. From the terrible fear that the population was going to become extinct to find out that we'd the highest density of peregrines for anywhere in the world, never mind the UK, in Cumbria, was something that I was very very proud of."