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Jean Bland

Jean Bland

Jean Margaret Bland was born in 1933 at her parents mixed-farm in Grayrigg. As the eldest of her two sisters and brother she began working on the farm as soon as she left school at 15.

She tells of the community and family events, such as the wool clip and the hay-making. She describes the traditional methods of shearing sheep. She remembers the gradual increase in use of mechanization that she witnessed before and after the war and the excitement surrounding the introduction of electricity onto the farm in the 1950’s.

Jean began work for the Ministry of Agriculture as a short-hand typist and remained there until her retirement. During this time, she gained an insight into the administration of the farming subsidies and disease management.

“(The hay meadows were) beautiful…Well I suppose it was a variety of grasses and flowers in different colours and different heights. It just looked lovely.”