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Ted Bowness

Ted Bowness

Ted Bowness was born in 1928 in a tiny stone cottage in Great Langdale. He remembers an idyllic childhood in the area, looking for birds nests, helping with the farming tasks of the day and taking part in the village festivities throughout the year.

He recalls the juniper trees on the open fell side and collecting Bilberry on Blea Fell. He remembers fishing for Brown trout in the local tarns and rivers.

Ted explains how employment became scarce in the Langdale valley – as farms amalgamated and grew increasingly mechanised.

Ted’s father was a quarryman who witnessed the decline of the local quarries, another important source of employment in the valley.

After moving away to University and later to work as a Geography teacher, Ted also became a freelance photographer. His images of the Lake District span several decades and record the land use of the past and the changing fell landscape

"I never thought at the time that I was recording history by any means I was just taking pictures that I enjoyed and over the years as things have changed they’ve become perhaps more interesting than they were at the time."