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Wilson Robinson

Wilson Robinson

Wilson Robinson was born in 1916, and witnessed many changes in his long farming career. He started farming when he was a boy, helping around the family farm, and later bought his own farm among the hills of Westmorland just before VE Day in 1945.

He was always very aware of the nature around him and had a particular interest in the birds and hay meadows. He was sympathetic of past ways and the superstitions deeply embedded in local people but realized the need to keep up with the times.

Shortly after the war he was approached by the British chemical company, ICI, to take part in a costings scheme. He followed their suggestion of introducing chemical fertilizer and silage making. His farm later became a ICI demonstration farm, showing these intensive farming techniques to other farmers in the area.

Wilson’s story reflects the great changes that took places in farming sector in the decades after the war and the influence these changes have had on the landscape and wildlife today.

“I felt we were advancing in agriculture, we were there to grow more food for the country if you like, yes ‘48-49, still growing food for the country.”